How can I reserve the Centennial (Rosedale) Hall for an event?
How can I get a birth certificate?
Can I get a marriage licence from Montague?

Q: How can I reserve the Centennial (Rosedale) Hall for an event?
A: The Hall can be rented out for a wide variety of events. For more information, please see the information in the Recreation & Culture section of the website.
Q: How can I get a birth certificate?
A: Municipalities do not issue birth certificates. They are issued by the provincial government. For more information visit
Q: Can I get a marriage licence from Montague?
A: Montague Township no longer issues marriage licences. However, many of the surrounding municipalities do issue them, including the Town of Smiths Falls.


Municipal Freedom of Information and Privacy Act

This act applies to local government institutions, including municipalities, police services boards, school boards, conservation authorities, boards of health and transit commissions. It requires that local government institutions protect the privacy of an individual’s personal information existing in government records. It also gives you the right to request access to municipal government information, including records, containing your personal information.

As a resident, there are methods available to request information informally without creating an official MFIPPA request. The Township recommends that residents approach staff members to discuss any request for information prior to filing a formal request for information. 

*The Municipal Freedom of Information and Privacy Act can be found here:

For more information contact the Township Clerk, Jasmin Ralph:

Lottery Licenses

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario is responsible for regulating and overseeing licensed lottery events conducted by charitable and religious organizations to raise funds to support charitable purposes.  

What is a lottery?

A lottery scheme may be defined as any scheme which has a prize, a chance to win the prize, and a consideration or fee.

What do we license?

The Township of Montague issues charitable gaming licenses. The registrar of the AGCO has been delegated authority so that it can license all types of approved lottery events, while a municipality may approve and license certain lottery events.

Municipalities have the authority to issue licenses for most lottery events conducted in their communities.  These can include:

  • bingo events, with prize boards of up to $5,500;
  • media bingo events with prizes up to $5,500;
  • break-open tickets for local organizations;
  • raffle lotteries for total prizes of $50,000 and under; and
  • Bazaar lotteries which include: wheels of fortune with a maximum bet of $2.00, raffles not exceeding $500, and bingo events up to $500.

The municipality may attach terms and conditions to a license, in addition to those established by the province, provided that they do not conflict with provincial Terms and Conditions or policies.

All gaming activities where money is paid to play are considered a lottery. If it is not charitable gaming, then it is not legal which means that we will not issue a license for it.

For further information or to obtain a license in the Township of Montague, please contact the Township Clerk, Jasmin Ralph: