Accidental 911 calls can cause public safety personnel and resources to be diverted from 911 calls for real emergencies.

Many older wireless phones are equipped with a 911 auto-dial feature. If you have an older phone, you may not even be aware of the feature or that it has been pre-activated by the manufacturer or retailer. Newer wireless phones generally require you to activate an automatic 911 feature to make it work.

When a 911 auto-dial feature has been activated, accidental dialing of 911 can occur, especially when open-face design phones bump against other objects in a purse, briefcase, or pocket.


The Township is billed for every OPP call sent from the Township.


What’s the best thing to do if you’ve accidentally dialed 911?

• Stay on the line and explain to the 911 dispatcher it was an accident

• If you’ve hung up, please don’t be nervous, just answer our callback... you will be called back.

• Stay where you are if asked.  Sometimes officers have to “personally” verify your safety before they can move on to the next important call.

How to Avoid Unintended 9-1-1 Calls

• Protect your cellphone by locking and storing it carefully. Keep it in a safe position when not in use and use a case or holster to protect it

• Use your cellphone’s key lock to help prevent accidental calls

• Don’t program 911 into any telephone — speed dials cause accidental 911 calls

• Do not test 911 to see if it’s working