Mailbox Installation

Mailboxes installed on Township roadsides are permitted as a courtesy and are the responsibility of the property owner.  Posts for mail boxes should be forty-two inches above the ground.  The front of the mailbox should be eight inches from the edge of the curb of the road or shoulder.  Posts should be 4x4 inch wood posts or a two-inch thin wall steel pipe.  Not acceptable are posts larger than 4x4 such as railroad ties, mailboxes in brick or cemented piers, I-beams, etc. 

Entrance Permits

Entrance permits are required by the Township or the County depending on the road where access is required.  For Township roads, please complete an entrance location inquiry form and return it to the Township. After the inquiry form is evaluated by the Township, you will be notified about continuing the process for the permit.  The County permits can be found on their website.

Culverts and Ditches


All culverts within the Township’s right-of-way are maintained by the Township.  If you require maintenance to your entrance culvert (i.e. it is plugged with debris, heaved up/caved in, frozen causing flooding), contact Public  Works at 613-283-7478.

If property owners choose to pave their driveways, the Township will not be responsible for replacing the pavement in the event that a repair or replacement of the culvert is required due to frost heaving or as a result of construction.

If you are having your driveway re-paved, consider having the Road Superintendent check the condition of the culvert beforehand.  Note: Any end treatments of the culverts are not the responsibility of the Township , and it is the property owner’s responsibility to remove and replace them if required by the Township.

If you are building a new home,  your building permit cannot be issued until the Building Department  receives confirmation that you have applied for an entrance culvert from Public Works.

We may suggest delaying the installation of the culvert until after the heavy equipment is finished at your building site. A heavy truck could crush the entrance culvert, requiring you to pay to have another one installed. Once you have applied for the entrance culvert, a representative from the Public Works Department will check the location to see if a culvert is required and if the sight lines are sufficient for safe entry onto the roadway.


Roadside ditches perform four primary functions:

1) They serve to drain water from the road base and sub grade; they are not intended to drain adjacent properties (but in many cases, they may).

2) They carry collected water to a sufficient outlet.

3) They stop the uncollected sheet of surface water, coming from outside the road allowance, from getting on the road.

4) They assist with winter snow-clearing operations by providing snow storage below the elevation of the road surface.

Roadside ditches are not a public utility; property owners do not have the absolute right to outlet to roadside ditches. The Township reserves the right to remove or restrict any outlets to ditches that cause operational issues or damage to the drainage system. If you need to direct water to the Township’s ditches, it is recommended that you contact the Township’s Public Works Department before proceeding.

Winter Maintenance Policy

The Township has a Winter Maintenance Policy that sets out the standards and expectations for road conditions during the winter season.  To view this policy, please click here.  If you have any further questions about this policy, contact the C.A.O. at 613-283-7478 ext. 210.